Do not forget to take care of your restraints, they should keep their shine for a long time. We strongly advise against machine cleaning.

We recommend hand washing at thirty degrees. Use shower gel or shampoo as a cleanser. Rinse the soap residues thoroughly with clear water.

Polish your restraints with silicone oil after the cleaning. It ensures that the latex stays smooth and does not lose its shine. Poor a small splash of silicon oil into warm water, move the restraints in and out, then gently shake off the water and put it in a dark place for drying.

These are the ‘cuffed’ tips how you can significantly increase the lifetime of our products. For more information, see care instructions.


There should be no traces of skin cream or body lotions on your skin. Keep your restraints away from any kind of fat.

Do not expose your restraints to strong sunlight. They could fade or lose their shape. This also applies to storage: a dark and dry place is ideal.

Persistent moisture damages your restraints. Ensure that they dry entirely in short time. It will increase the lifespan.

Our restraints are very sturdily constructed, yet they cannot withstand the same loads as conventional leather restraints purely because of the material properties. You will not notice any drawback, but we want to point this out to you.