XMAS – Our story, Part 2


„Sharing is caring“ is the headline of our Christmas sales event. Accordingly, today we want to present you the first organization / charity that we want to support.

cuffed.at meets Berlin

As you could read yesterday, the Folsom 2018 was the initial trigger for the creation of cuffed.at. 2019 we returned to Folsom not only for the shooting of some hot classic restraints pictures; it was also the first time, our products were available in one of the Berlin fetish stores. 2021 we returned with our cooperation with GEAR Berlin to this unique event. As you can see, Folsom Europe was not just a highlight for us personally as gearheads, but also important milestones for our brand each year.

This leads us straight to the first organization that we want to support with our joint donation: Folsom Europe.
It’s not only that they organize one of the most important event for our fetish community. They are also an important charity for our community. Since 2004 they have donated more than 300.000€ to different projects and initiatives. But now, due to the difficult Covid times, Folsom Europe e.V. is struggling itself as many could read recently.

As we don’t want to miss the Folsom Europe street fair in our future company timeline, it’s now time to give back. Therefore, we’re happy to donate one part of our „sharing is caring“ event to Folsom Europe e.V. So either buy some cool cuffed.at restraints for you and your friends during the event period and ensure that 5% from your purchase plus the same amount from us go to the organizations such as Folsom – or support them directly.

Stay tuned for more of our history and the other organizations that we will support together with you!

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