XMAS – Our story, Part 3


Sorry for the long break since our last story part. We are currently taking a small break, too, while our team keeps cuffed.at in the meantime up and running – but that’s another part of our story.

While we rented from the very beginning a small space at our parcel shop for the handling of your finished orders, the production of the cuffed happened in our aparment which soon hit its limits. So shortly after starting the business, your huge interest in our restraints forced us to the first investment: we had refurbish one of our rooms to fit better for the production of the restraints. And this was just the beginning: step by step, cuffed.at expended over our apartment for storing all the raw material, finished goods etc. So cuffed.at was really part of our daily life.

Accordingly, cuffed.at was always a German-Austrian business. While the comany is registered in Germany on the other side of Lake Constance, Lukas – the main brain behind cuffed – is an Austrian. Therefore, it was straight-forward for him to register cuffed.at when he found out that .de and .com were already taken. So now you also know why we have an Austrian domain.

This small off-topic leads us to the second charity that we will jointly support. So stay tuned for the next story while we enjoy a little bit our timeout.

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