XMAS – Our story, Part 4


In the last story some days ago, you learned a little bit of our „local“ history. Since we really enjoy living and working on such a great spot, we decided that part of the donation shall also go to a local charity which brightens the lifes of others. Accordingly we picked the Schiffer Gilde e.V.

cuffed.at resides far from the main fetish capitals at the beautiful Lake Constance. The lake is also the center of activity of the Schiffer Guilde. They organize sailing trips for disabled and able-bodied adolescents, having jointly a great time and living real inclusion. Covid hampered most of their activities over the last two years. Now we want to help them starting off again in 2022, being able to create some unique moments for their young audience.

Similarly, another part of our joint donations go to the Jungendnetzwerk Lambda e.V. which supports various projects and workshops for the LGBTIQ youth. Many of you are out of the queer community as we are and we all know about the challenges of coming-out, especially when you’re also kinky. The ristrictions of Covid made this big step partly even more challenging as social live and the possibility to exchange with others were quite limited. While we cannot fight Covid as such, we want to at least enable Lambda to continue their great and important work. Therefore, let’s jointly support the with our „sharing is caring“ event.

Now, as you know where your contribution is going, we’ll let you know some more of our company history. Stay tuned an keep our donations growing!

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