XMAS – Our story, Part 5


As we’re heading to the finals of our „sharing is caring“ event, we’re also telling you about steps forward. We told you initially, that some great stuff has happened in the background. This has been mainly supported by one big milestone in our offering: the rubstraints

While the classic restraints are the fundament of our business, the rubstraints gave as a big jump forward as you all rewarded their unqiue design and features. Born out of our own demand to create some unique rubber restraints which are made for intensive bondage sessions, step by step we developed the rubstraints toolbox which do not only offer increased, but really new features such as Segufix locking, plug’n’play system accessories or a Velcro for easy fitting.

We really enjoy to see constantly the great pictures of you on Instagram and Twitter, really leveraging the rubstraints toolbox for maximum bondage fun. This is the best reward for our work. And be sure, that the rubstraints will be the end of our product line-up. Just on the edge of being released to the market are the leathstraints as equivalend to the rubstraints for those of you who prefer leather over rubber or who want to have the extra bit of sturdiness that leather provides.

So, keep pushing us. All your feedback, wishes and ideas are really going into new product ideas and motivate us to go even further.

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