XMAS – Our story, Part 6


Now, as christmas is really over and you have read a lot over our company history and the charities that we jointly support via our „sharing is caring“ event, here’s also the final chapter of our blog.

As more or less all of you have experienced personally, the delivery times of our restraints were always the big bottleneck. Since we always produced all our rubber restraints ourselves in our apartment, this turned into a big bottleneck with your amazing interest in our product line-up. We are really thankful with your patience of the years and that you valuated on the other side the work, love and passion that we put into our products.

Nevertheless, it was clear to us, that we need to work on this topic to increase the customer service level that we provide to you. With you as a really loyal customer base in the background, we ventured the entrepreneurial step of founding a fully fletched company and to rent a dedicated space for production, warehousing and administration that allowed us to hire additional employees. So, the month since August have been a big adventure of outfitting the space, recruiting the right people with the same understanding of product quality and getting everything up and running.

So, while we continue catching up with the order backlog, it really feels great to operate on the next level – especially as we were able to build such a great team in such a short time. Jelena and Ronja are really doing an amazing job in boosting our production output while never sacrifizing on the quality while providing us also lots of new ideas. And they are really great people: while we discussed with them our „sharing is caring“ event idea, we learnt that one of them is volunariy is working in her free time for the railway mission in Lindau. Therefore, it was obvious to us to support her commitment with an extra donation to this charity.

While this is the end of our small cuffed.at storyline, it is just the beginning of more great years with you. We are really looking forward to develop with you a lot more cool product innovations and really create new bondage possibilities. Therefore, thanks for your contribution to our „sharing is caring“ event!

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